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The Human Resource Journey
By Dr. Larry Bienati, SPHR, CCP
Human Resource Journey - .doc version

Developing a successful human resource organization is a journey and not a destination. Organizations "built to last" share three common success factors: 1) an infrastructure that conforms to federal and state legal requirements; 2) a belief that people are their most important assets, and 3) HR processes designed to successfully attract, retain and motivate a cadre of quality employees congruent with the strategic vision of the organization. The OneStopHR® model conforms to the best practices of excellent organizations. We encourage our subscribers to establish the correct HR foundation and prevent frivolous litigation and unnecessary personnel challenges.

Building a successful organization requires the integration of many systems. It is important to have the correct processes in financial accounting, marketing, technology and operations. CEOs often say that the most challenging organization issues they face include: 1) finding and keeping good people and, 2) dealing with personnel problems.

It is absolutely critical that subscribers using the OneStopHR® models follow the process steps correctly, especially the basis of a level one HR organization. Even established HR organizations should compare their process steps to the journey outlined in a level one start-up organization. Most employment litigation follows organizations that copy performance appraisal forms and job descriptions from a textbook or software program. It is critical that these forms match a proper job analysis. Taking the OneStopHR® journey ensures that you "do it right the first time." With the proper job analysis in place, one can then develop policies, practices and procedures conducive to the wage orders that apply to your business. Further, this ensures the specific federal and state laws pertaining to your company size, the required legal postings, the appropriate ADA job descriptions, the appropriate performance appraisal/coaching structure and the correct compensation plan are built on the pro per foundations.

Subscribers to The OneStopHR® will be at great risk if they do not follow these process steps. The OneStopHR® model provides the basic template for a successful HR system. It is strongly recommended (at certain parts of this journey) to have a human resource consultant or one of our labor attorneys review certain legal documents. An investment of $200-300 dollars could save thousands of dollars in possible future litigation. We will alert you to these process points where legal review may be necessary.

Outside of establishing the correct human resources compliance structure, it is also critical to model your human resource initiatives to the specific objectives of your organizationís strategic direction. The OneStopHR® transcends typical on-line human resource policy and procedure programs by providing ideas, examples, and programs of enlightened management and leadership practices. Building an infrastructure that complies with federal and state law is only a fraction of what is necessary to build a truly great organization. The OneStopHR® is unique in achieving this dual service for the subscriber. We view this web site as a compliance tool and mini MBA program.

Good luck on your journey and feel free to give us a call at 800.483.7153. We have kept our subscriber community small so we can provide excellent "personal service."

The OneStopHR® Models listed below provide templates for a successful HR structure for the following Organization Levels: